"Randolph Bracy is a true man of the people. In every endeavor, he is mission-driven and focused."

- Chasman Barnes -


Randolph Bracy is a creator, musician, father, thought leader, and politician who cares deeply about working to give a voice to people in the margins of society.




The son of a preacher, Randy grew up in the walls of his father’s church.  Music and oration are an important part of his earliest memories, and he has used both music and poetry to creatively express himself.

In 2019, Randy decided to fully embrace his love of music, and make the move from listener to creator. With lyrics inspired by his daughters, his roots in Philadelphia, some of his childhood friends caught in the criminal justice system, and the countless others who have shaped his life, Randy's debut album is filled with passion, hope, and messages of social justice. 

Being a firm believer in the power of civic engagement, Randy has made it a priority to work alongside those he serves to encourage voter registration and protection. 

Under the umbrella of Voice Your Vote, Randy has combined his passion for the arts, culture, and politics. Through this initiative, young voters will be able to attend virtual and in-person concert-like events designed to foster a passion for civic engagement. 

Civic Engagement & Music

In Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where--oh no, this isn’t that story. This is a story all about how Randolph Bracy became a musician, a politician, and an advocate for justice. 

Early Life

A Philadephia native, Randy was born the son of a preaching father and an activist mother. In his hometown, he saw firsthand what can happen when opportunities for good, hardworking people are limited by systemic poverty and injustice. Growing up, he heard stories of how his mother was among the first wave of students to integrate schools in Alachua County, Florida, and he watched closely as his father delivered sermons filled with themes of hope and social justice. He came to understand early in his life that being civically engaged was a pathway to enacting change. 

Moving from Philadelphia to central Florida during his formative years forever set Randy on a path of servant leadership. Upon graduating high school he attended William and Mary College on an athletic scholarship for basketball.

Attending college in a small Virginia town, at a university whose African American student population was less than 8%, quickly showed Randy how to be adaptable between two worlds.  Upon graduating from college, he moved back to central Florida where he ran his mother’s first political campaign for local office. From there, he was bitten by the political bug and decided to throw his hat in the ring and run for the Florida House, where he won and subsequently successfully ran for the Florida Senate. 

Politics & Passion for Criminal


As a Senator, Randy has worked tirelessly to address issues within the criminal justice system.  He is the first African American to chair the Criminal Justice Committee of the state of Florida, where he sets statewide policies for criminal justice, emphasizing a focus on reforms. Through politics, Randy has been able to effect tangible changes within marginalized communities of color. 

Foundational to Randy endeavors in art, music and politics is his relationship with God. 


"I believe a relationship with God gives you direction and purpose, everything else follows." - R. Bracy


Though he is not in the pulpit like his father, Randolph's "ministry" is using his platform to further causes and shape change for communities in the margins. 

Chief among the many roles Randolph plays is his role as Dad. Deeply dedicated to his daughters, ages 7 and 9, he works hard to show them that they can forge their own path. 

"I want to leave nothing on the table. I want to say I did it all. I went for it." - R. Bracy 

Faith & Family First

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